Service Regulations

1.TNGRNOW.NET can not inform the users to modify the Service Regulations and deemed users consent and accept the Service Regulations

2.TNGRNOW.NET can modify the case without notice to users of the services provided by increase or change.

3.Can not use P2P software

4.The service in order to keep the quality of network,limiting each user can only have one account. Each Account default can only be connected to a device .

5.The service do not accept refund request unless special circumstances. Whether special circumstances by TNGRNOW.NET to be judged.The refund will be charged a fee of 30% of the package price.

6.TNGRNOW.NET obtain personal information , mailbox information is only used for operational purposes. Not open to the public in case the user is not allowed to a third party.If the user is a breach of local laws , this rule has no effect.

7.If user registration information change must immediately notify TNGRNOW.NET.

8.Virus infection,loss of money in the use of the Service TNGRNOW.NET assume no responsibility for these.

9.The service account prohibited lent or rented to a third party .

10.TNGRNOW.NET have the right without notice to the user in the case of violation of the following rules account carried delete numbers do not refund processing.

  • Use of the Service in violation of the laws or published remarks prohibited by law

  • Use this service to send spam , attack third-party server

  • Long-term excessive use server resources and bandwidth

  • The user post publicly information have a negative impact for TNGRNOW.NET on other websites.

11. When following occurs, TNGRNOW.NET have the right without noticing to the user suspend or stop service

  • System maintenance and system hardware maintenance

  • Server is under attack

  • Technical causes can not continue to provide services.

12.Final interpretation belongs TNGRNOW.NET

Established in 1st, Nov, 2011

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